HP Gas Booking Number – IVRS Felicity Helps 24X7 Online Through Phone SMS

By | October 23, 2016

Here is the detailed article on how to book a refill of hp gas. It is very easy process now and you can book hp gas new cylinder within seconds through your mobile. We are clearly mentioning all the steps involved in this booking process though a specified number for all the states in India. Official site is www.myhpgas.in. We will give the list of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) hp gas booking numbers separately for each state. We suggest you to get the correct booking number that books your request for new cylinder without any hassles. Myhpgas.in Is the official web page of HP gas India.

HP Gas Booking Number

This site helps you in booking a gas and provides it. Generally the process includes the following steps. First of all you need to get the number for hp gas booking number from the state where you stay. HP Anytime – IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is introduced recently. Then try to dial the number and if it is the registered mobile number, then it says the consumer number and agency/ distributor number. Then you can confirm on the details and that is the consumer id and correct distributors going to take your order on your consumer id. Then it says to click on multiple options.

hp gas booking number

hp gas booking number

hp gas booking online

The dialing mechanism for gas booking includes the following steps. 

1. Dial the agency booking number.

2. It asks you for language selection and if you already registered your mobile number, it says your details. and it becomes your HP Gas Booking Number.

3. And finally you press number 1 for new booking. That’s it. 

This IVRS system allows you to get 3 SMS before delivering the cylinder. They are

1. Book your cylinder through phone. Then immediately you recieve 1 SMS that says your booking is confirmed.

2. Then Once the cylinder delivered from the agency, you will get a cash MEMO and delivery boy name etc.

3. And finally Once the cylinder delivered, you will receive a message that says your cylinder delivered successfully.

hp gas online booking mobile number change

The options majorly include booking refill or changing the registered mobile number or transfer the gas agency etc. So generally we talk here about the booking of new refill at www.myhpgas.in. The hp gas booking number is the only entry point that generates a booking id and that generated by the hp gas booking agency and the receipt will be generated on that. The message will be delivered to you and the agency says the estimated time for the delivery of the cylinder at your door step. Then you need to identify the payment amount and the day on which the cylinder delivers.

hp gas booking number status tracking

You will receive another message on the day the boy deliver the cylinder to the consumer along with the above details., Now coming to the other section of how to know the number on which the cylinder refill will be booked ? This is the major issue and doubt for most of the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) consumers across the country. We help you on this and that is the reason why we started this web portal and help you in all ways of providing the information. Get ready with HP Gas Booking Number always to interact with the agency. This HP Anytime – IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) helps you a lot we guess. The hpcl introduced a major service for the sake of their consumers across the country by introducing HP Anytime is a IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).

hp gas customer care toll free number

Through this system the consumer can book a refill at any time in a day or night 365 days a year and 24 by 7 per week. So this helped the natives of India to book a cylinder without struggle when the cylinder emptied. We do not know the exam time when the cylinder emptied. So the distributor should be alert enough to receive the order for refill or new cylinder at any time. The delivery mechanism also improved a lot. Now let us have a look at some of the states and their gas booking numbers of their states.

hp gas booking information

States / Areas    Phone Number

Andhra Pradesh    – 96660 23456

Rajasthan            – 78910 23456

Haryana               – 98129 23456

Karnataka            – 99640 23456

And we will update you with the whole list for all the states across the country in a link provided below or we update it as an image in this article itself. The IVRS provides facility to the consumer to auto identify the mobile number or land line number or any other personal phone number apart from HP Gas Booking Number and check the more information at www.myhpgas.in. That helps you in many ways. You no need to remember the consumer or customer id and the other details like agency etc all the time.

hp gas new connection online booking

Remember that you are just a new consumer and not yet registered your id online then you need to do certain things before using IVRS facility through phone number with auto identification.

1. Go to the official web site of hp gas agency that is http://myhpgas.in/

2. Then go to the register section and then fill up with proper details like consumer id or customer id and email id, distributor or agency name, id and hp gas booking number.

3. And finally the mobile number that you are ready to use for this online gas booking option.

4. Then you register with the details for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL). You will receive the mail and message to your email and mobile respectively with the otp and verification of your mail and mobile details.

5. Then you should confirm for the same and that allows you to confirm that you are the owner or consumer of that particular hp gas.

hp gas complaints

There is also another option which is old that is you can directly meet the hp gas agency office and raise a request for the refill of hp gas. Most of the consumers do not go to the office and waste their valuable time and instead they utilize the chance of auto identified IVRS system and that ends up booking a new cylinder with success.

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